The Smarter Startup

By Neal Cabage & Sonya Zhang, Pearson Publishing

The Smarter Startup strategy framework began with the publishing of our book in 2013 and we continued to refine our thoughts, which we’ve published here. As for the book, it provides a comprehensive look at why some startups succeed while others fail and how to have a more predictable and reliable outcome. Written by Neal Cabage and Sonya Zhang, PhD, and published by NewRiders, a division of Pearson, the book is available online and at major bookstores.

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Neal Cabage

Digital Product Architect

Entrepreneur and Product Management leader. Founded ProductCamp.LA and PMA.LA. Built and sold two startups. Authored the book, The Smarter Startup.


Sonya Zhang

Business School Professor

PhD in Information Systems and Technology, M.S. in Computer Science, and MBA. Research in Internet Entrepreneurship.

“The authors skillfully portray the activities that are necessary to move from a great idea to a great online product or service. Their advice should be valuable to entrepreneurs of all stripes.”

Thomas Horan

Professor and Dean
Claremont Graduate University

“You’ll be shocked by how much better your startup will become when you study entrepreneurship. This book will show you how.”

Andrew Warner


The book debuted and sold out at SXSW! Check out a video of the festivities. →